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Meet Our Bucks!

*All Sr. Bucks participated in Linear Appraisal in 2019*
*All Goats tested CAE Negative in February 2020*

CH Fairland Farm HP Lido Shuffle

DOB: 03/09/2013 Registration ID:

D1631842 LA 2019: VEE90

Dam: GCH Heritage Place M Cricket 1*M


DD: AGS Heritage Acres T Crème Brulee


DS: CH Kaapio Acres SG Silver Moon


Sire: CH Kaapio Acres HH Hanky Panky

SD: AGS Kaapio Acres SG Thyme


SS: GCH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero +B

smokin gun.jpg

Cuatlilredbarn Smokin Gun

DOB: 03/22/2018 Registration ID:


D1929415 LA 2019: +V+82


Dam: : GCH Jasper’s Harem JB Coco

Puff 2*M


DD: Old Mountain Farm Sea Breeze 1*M


DS: AGS Many Tracks All That Jazz +B

Sire: CH Wood Bridge Farm



SD: CH Atwood Acres Dott


SS: CH Wood Bridge Farm Understated


DOB: 03/21/2019 Registration ID: D2024238


Dam: CH Phoenix Farm Summer Tanager


DD:  Phoenix Farm Seagull 5*M


DS: SG Phoenix Farm One Knight Stand +*B

Sire: Cuatlilredbarn Smokin’ Gun


SD: GCH Jasper’s Harem JB Coco Puff 2*M


SS: CH Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable

Wispy Willows SG Top Gunner

image1 (4).jpeg

DOB: 03/20/2019 Registration ID:




Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Unpresidented


DD: Wood Bridge Farm Undermine


DS: CH Phoenix Farm Icebird Legacy *B

Sire: Old Mountain Farm JohnQ Public


SD: CH Old Mountain Farm Ciervo


SS: Old Mountain Farm Allegiance

Agape's Prize Aron Presley

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