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Hi, we're the Walz Family!

Hi, welcome to Wispy Willow Farm! We are the Walz family, and this is a short story of how of our little farm came to be. As children, we both grew up on farms in Northwest Ohio. Working around livestock has been a part of us since a very young age. It was 2014 when we found ourselves living in the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio living the “American Dream” and raising our 6 children.


Yet, something was missing… We were being beckoned back to the farm life that we once knew as children. Although life in the suburbs was great, we found it difficult to teach our children the valuable life lessons that just come naturally with life on the farm. We began to pray for an opportunity to move back home to northwest Ohio, and it wasn’t long before the Lord provided the perfect opportunity.

With a new job, and a new home situated on 10 acres outside the small town of Montpelier, OH we said our goodbyes to Cleveland and went back to our roots. On our last day in Cleveland we purchased 2 Dwarf Nigerian goats to start our small farm with the simple goal of providing milk for our family. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into! These little lovable caprines stole our hearts and, before long, we found ourselves with a full blown dairy goat herd!


Everyone around here chips in with the daily operation of the farm. The children all have various chores that they do on a rotational basis. My main role on the farm is the maintenance of our barns and property as well as chipping in wherever I can when I get home from work. Wendy typically does the daily milking and herd management. She also has started a soap making business and makes various bar soaps, lotions, body butters, sugar scrubs, and lip balms. All of Wispy Willow Farms’ products are made by hand with love starting from the goats’ milk produced by our herd.


We are excited that you stopped in to visit our site and, we look forward to hearing from you!


As our business continues to grow, we have added another helper. Natalie Kuntz joined us in 2023 and is learning the skills of handcrafting goat milk bath and body products along with the day to day small business operations. 

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